We at Giddy Ink are, well, giddy about design. Our backgrounds are in advertising and design and we have worked closely with some of the most elite marketers in the world. We think that this experience has made us smarter about the designs we create, starting with the pure essence of your event or brand as the inspiration for our designs, and working relentlessly to transcend that to paper.


Our passion is allowing you to make your mark on the world through the correspondence you share with others. It's about capturing the moments in your life that make your stomach flutter with excitement and your heart race with anticipation. It's about the milestones that you want to share with others: the sweet union of lovers, the pride of a new business, the joy of parenthood—all of the news you want to scream from the rooftops. We take pride in conveying this enthusiasm through our concepts and designs and strive to transcend that feeling from paper into the hearts and minds of those receiving it.

We revel in the details. The touches that distinguish you and add your personality to the piece. The thoughtfully written words and images that express the true spirit of your message. Our goal is to help you create things that look like they matter—things worth remembering, saving and reading again and again and again.

Beautiful design for the small pauses in life is what makes us Giddy.