There is a difference between being giddy and being happy. It may sound like we're splitting hairs, but the distinction is precisely why Giddy Ink exists.

Happiness is good; great actually. In a perfect world, we'd feel it every day in the big things like a loving family and in the small things like a savory cup of coffee or a moment in the sunshine. Giddiness, on the other hand, is reserved for the rare occasion when something tickles your fancy in a way that evokes something more. Passion. It's caused by extraordinary moments and things, and when it's felt, one might even giggle unexpectedly or do a little dance.

We are giddy about design. Nothing ignites our ideas more than hearing your vision--your story--and helping you translate it visually without losing one ounce of the enthusiasm at its core.

See, giddiness is contagious. You come to us in need of, say, an announcement for a special occasion or a face for your new business. You are giddy. We see it. We feel it. It makes us giddy. Ideas immediately bubble up as we begin collecting perfectly inspired materials, colors, tone, fonts, objects and words to bring your message to life.

And of course, as the story goes, your message is finally delivered to the eager hands of some of your favorite people--and suddenly--your giddy and our giddy becomes theirs. As people touch and explore inspired design, there is a certain impression left just from holding it, examining its intricacies and feeling the passion behind its every last detail.

In a world of high technology and mass-produced junk mail, Giddy Ink believes this personal experience means more than ever. There is deep, meaningful satisfaction in sending, designing and receiving things that look like they matter. Let's make your big news something to be giddy about.