Members of Giddy Ink participated in the
creation of FBC while employed at Barefoot Inc.,
a BBDO company

Visionary and Voices is a truly admirable non-profit, whose mission matches ours: creating a platform for artistic expression to move the people viewing it and creating it.

Many of the talented folks at V+V are seen as “outsiders artists” because of their ability to embrace their mental and physical challenges to create masterpieces. “Visionnati” is an annual arts festival in Cincinnati where these artists can feature and sell their works to the public.

We wanted to create a piece that would honor these artists and highlight their own unique art in its truest form—from the paintings to the typography. Each invitation served as a small booklet that told the story of the organization, as well as details surrounding the event. And clear envelopes gave everyone (including the mailman) a glimpse at the masterpieces within.