Members of Giddy Ink participated in this creation
while employed at Barefoot Inc.,
a BBDO company

ArborLife, is a premium line of vinyl fences designed to capture both the ease of maintaining vinyl and the beauty of real wood. With gorgeous coordinating hardware and life-like color and grain, we knew this brand deserved a look that transcended the outdoor accessories category. In fact, our client asked us to "help him create the luxury car brand of fences."

This launch was about creating a brand that showcased the yard as an extension of home—one that understands a consumer mindset that a yard is a sanctuary in which memories are made, life is lived and nature is savored.

It seemed only fitting to highlight the product's natural qualities in the logo by featuring leaves in their truest form and integrating them with airy, time-honored typography that represents the contours and accessories of the fence itself. A sleek sales brochure introduced the brand—highlighting its beauty, quality and ease of installation. Coordinating store signage and packaging were also created.