Members of Giddy Ink participated in
this creation while employed at Barefoot Inc.,
a BBDO company

Freedom Boat Club is a members-only boat club designed with the avid boater in mind. It's a simple alternative to boat ownership that allows members access to impeccably-maintained boating fleets—all ready to enjoy at a moment's notice.

This concept is relatively new, with Freedom as one of the pioneers, entering the boating scene in 1989. Since then, competitors have emerged and Freedom aimed to stay ahead of the curve with a fresh, updated identity.

We understood the importance of their roots, and therefore continued to pay homage to the companies' nautical positioning. To update it, we infused modern clean lines and captured the essence of being on the the water. By streamlining the design on all collateral, the brand was ready to seamlessly roll out its new look among their growing franchises. The overall look is crisp, classic and refreshing—like standing on the bow of a boat, watching waves roll by.