Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Lauren and Jordan joke about how different they each are. She’s an artist. He’s a dentist. She’s Catholic. He’s Jewish. She’s a smalltown girl. He’s from the city. To meet them though is to gain an understanding of the complimentary nature of true love—theirs is a story of yin meets yang.

Lauren and Jordan’s relationship is built on a willingness to break the rules, and their wedding was to be no exception. Held at an old gentlemen’s club built in 1826, they had visions of a hip, retro Hollywood affair with bold strokes of black and red and a touch of glitz.

We made no sacrifices on the quality or the drama of what was to come. Creating an intricate one-of-a-kind design (reminiscent of a 1940’s-style playbill), we blended vintage-inspired text with unique materials like feathers and gems. And the details kept coming, from programs to chairs to favors and far beyond.